In the Shade of Night

This woman is drawing you in. She is mysterious, she is powerful and she is using seduction to get her way.

In the Shade of Night has been a continuing exploration of film culture and character, light and color, and the emotions these elements can induce. I am exploring a neo-noir female character. I isolate small pieces of a story, but leave much for the audience to develop in their own minds. The fragments or “film stills” are often intense close- ups of body parts presenting the audience with the moment of anticipation. The images are an exploration of a strong, alluring and enchanting heroine. The audience may question her motives, and it is in these questionable moments that I am asking the audiences’ anxieties to complete the story. 

In the Shade of Night acknowledges where a strong piece of feminine power lies. In these stories I am offering an alternative heroine, one that is taking what she wants, and one that is unashamed to use her allure to obtain her goals. The series references different time periods and brings the femme fatale character current.