Artist Statement - Conjuring the Sensation of the Sun

Conjuring the Sensation of the Sun

In these images, I am creating a world where food and plants of earth-based origins are rare. The rarity causes an intense emotional reaction to its presence, and humans have created elaborate ritual to honor the moments it is present. 

Exploring the evolution of human ritual, this work recognizes that ritual is often born out of a desire or anomaly. 

Her hand reached out to touch these precious pieces of fruit. Fruit that, once upon a time, came from the earth. She tried to visualize the warmth of the sun on this fruit- to grasp what it would have been to stand in the warmth of the sun and hold this fruit in her hand. Deep in her collective memory she knew that sensation. She felt thankful that they had engineered the method to reproduce what had once been a natural cycle. Seed, earth, water, warmth-and-light, pollination, food. A process that happened through evolution, to bring sustenance to those walking the earth. Was this what that evolution was meant to bring? She took a deep sighing breath, bowed and thanked the stars for this creation in front of her.